About Us:

Like many businesses, SewerOdor.com was created to solve a problem.  Andrew Batson was a custom home builder.  Many years ago he built a home and the owners complained of a sewer smell. After repeated (and unsuccessful) visits by a plumber to solve the problem he learned about smoke testing. Once he was able to track down the right equipment, the problem was quickly found…a sewer vent that was run to the attic (not to the roof as it should have been). This was a difficult problem to find because a sewer vent doesn’t cause any water leaks and the odors drift throughout the home.    

Since it was nearly impossible to find anyone with the proper equipment for this kind of test, he invested in a state of the art Hurco Power Smoker test machine.

After demonstrating the machine to his son, he realized the need for this service and started SewerOdor.com.  SewerOdor.com provides this state of the art test equipment to the most reputable plumbers to provide this service.  If you have an unresolved sewer odor this is truly the best (and often the only) way to diagnose the cause.

We currently serve most of Colorado, Arizona, California, and are adding new states regularly.