Are you a plumber or handyperson comfortable with basic plumbing?

Our Hurco Sewer Smoke Test machine is available to rent.  This is the fastest and most reliable way to determine the source of sewer gas leaks in a building’s plumbing system.  

Smoke Machine Rental: $200 for a 24 hour rental. $100 for each additional 24 hours.

Pickup location: 14613 Orchard Parkway, Ste 200, Westminster CO 80023

Liquid Smoke & gasoline for the engine: $65 (sufficient for two hours of smoke production). We will supply the machine with a full tank of ethanol free gasoline for operation and enough liquid smoke for two hours of operation.

Delivery in the Denver Metro area is available for an additional charge.

Credit cards are accepted for rental.

It can be very difficult to identify faulty wax rings, vent pipes that may be damaged, dry p traps and other common sources of sewer odors.  Our smoke test machine will quickly illustrate the source of the problem by a thick, white, odorless smoke (fog) streaming from the problem area.  We usually find the source of the sewer odor problem within 15 minutes.

The Power Smoker essentially consists of four components: A 2 1/2 hp, four-stroke Honda gasoline engine; a 6-foot-long, 4-inch-diameter, heavy-duty piece of flexible duct; a high-pressure, cast aluminum fan that disperses the smoke at up to 700 cfm; and a canister filled with LiquiSmoke, a laboratory-tested, nontoxic and nonstaining fluid that produces the smoke.

We will provide the machine with a full tank of gas.  The machine is a self contained blower and smoke generator (using liquid smoke). No smoke bombs, candles etc are necessary. It’s like an industrial fog machine with a blower.

The machine generates sufficient smoke and cfrms that it is not necessary to plug roof top vents. This makes the job as simple as unscrewing a sewer cleanout cap, connecting the blower hose on the machine, tightening the adjustable clamp and typically within minutes the entire plumbing system is full of a white dense, odorless smoke (fog).  This can be easily verified as you will see the smoke exiting from the roof vents as well as any other source of leaks.

A typical smoke test takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  Setup is usually completed in 15 minutes or so. First, securely fasten the open end of the duct to any clean-out or building trap vent riser. Attach the hose from the liquid smoke canister to the engine using the quick connector.

After that, start the unit (it’s a Honda and starts easy. Be sure power switch is on, fuel lever is on, flip on the choke lever and pull the ripcord and then turn choke off). Let it warm up. Then pressurize the canister by pumping the built-in handle a few times. After that, open the valve (turn the black knob on the base about 1/2 turn to one full turn) to inject the LiquiSmoke into the unit’s muffler. When the muffler is hot enough (usually 5 minutes), it turns the liquid into smoke. When you see smoke coming from vent pipes above the roof, you know the system is full of smoke and it’s time to start looking around inside. Now, start looking for telltale smoke that indicates where the leak is located. 

Helpful hints:

-Some liquid smoke may spill out of the end of the blower house. We recommend using a drop cloth to protect against spills.

-We supply a 2”, 3” and 4” male threaded connector with a short pipe extension. This makes it easy to unscrew a cleanout cap and connect the machine.

-The unit is about 3’ long by 18” wide and 18” tall. It should fit in the back of any SUV.

-Bring along some large pliers to unscrew the sewer cleanout cap and a screw driver to tighten the hose clamp.

-No other specialized plumbing skills are needed to operate the machine and find the source of the leak.

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